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  • Business Address
  • Mail Handling
  • Worldwide Shipping

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Professional Address in Toronto

3701 Lake Shore Blvd West

  • Use for business registration, websites
  • Valid for ONE person + corporate entity (non transferable)

Mail Handling

Weekly Mail Redirection: by Canada Post

  • Letters are included
  • Parcels: postage only, invoiced and sent on payment

Virtual Office & Virtual Business Address in Toronto

Getting your very own Virtual Office in Toronto is one thing that you must invest at this point of time. You’re now on the phase of taking your business to the next level and need an address to run your growing business. But, a lease can be an expensive venture especially for start-up entrepreneurs. Why not leverage an address, without having the physical office? This is what a Virtual Office is, and what we are good at.

Have a Worry-free Business

Running a worry-free business? We will get everything done for you through our Virtual Office in Toronto. Have the comfort of working from home, out of the country or any place you like while we redirect your mail with our Virtual Office in Toronto. Also, have your address in one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, Toronto!

Your Success is Our Goal

We at Canada Virtual Office provide you utmost customer support and world-class services. Have your office address in Toronto and impress your clients and business partners. We know how tough it is to run a business, that’s why we are here to help you succeed with your goals through our service of providing you a virtual office in Toronto!

Total Expenses (1Y)

January $5,240 $45
February $10,480 $90
March $15,720 $135
April $20,960 $180
May $26,200 $225
June $31,440 $270
July $36,680 $315
August $41,920 $360
September $47,160 $405
October $52,400 $450
November $57,640 $495
December $62,880 $540

$3000 Lease + $2240 Payroll (1 staff, minimum wage, 40hr week)

Canada Virtual Office

Long-Term discounts are available.

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